Services Available and Timeline

Service Description Availability
Automated Drone Surveillance Fully Automated Intelligent Perimeter Scanning Drones 2020
Robot Sentries Large Robotic Sentries for Facility Entrance Management. 2021
Child GPS Tracking Devices to track children throughout the day NOW
Vehicle Tracking Devices to track vehicles NOW
Search and Rescue Support to find lost children or persons NOW
Drone Search and Rescue Locate Missing Persons in difficult remote terrain 2020
Executive Protection Individuals or teams to protect others globally NOW
Event Security Security for weddings, concerts and other large gatherings NOW
Facility Protection Place cameras, sensors, entry control NOW
Private Investigations Investigate complex cases NOW
Military Class Protection Full military grade global protective services 2020
Vehicle Electronics Modifications Add command and control electronics to a vehicle 2020
Vehicle Body Modifications Modify vehicle body with kevlar protection 2020